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… restoring pride, joy and hope for all generations

Our Missions to Achieve Our Vision

  • Inspire philanthropy in the hearts of people in developing countries as equal and important partners in transforming the world. We believe that everyone has an important and necessary part to play in  delivering change that is holistic, sustainable and transformational.


  • Empower the next generation of young people to lead from the heart with core values of empathy, integrity and accountability. We believe there is a new generation of leaders that can be equipped to lead differently, applying their unique skills for sustainable social and economic prosperity.


  • Tackle the most challenging problems underlying poverty and social inequalities. We believe that we can find unique wisdom to tackle the problems in our world using our collective creativity and innovative minds with technology and the power of the local voice.


  • Impact lives of millions of people  and give lasting hope through the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. We believe that lasting transformation and real hope comes from Jesus, including the strength to endure and overcome the challenges of life. We believe that when you have Jesus, you have everything.

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