Empowering all for excellence in life

… wisdom is a defence, and money is a defence: but the excellency of knowledge is, that wisdom preserves life

With God you have a future, there is hope

I will make you an object of pride forever, a joy from generation to generation.

Peace, strength, hope and joy

… tackle the problems using collective creativity, innovative minds and the power of the local voice.

FI Missions

… delivering change that is holistic, sustainable and transformational.

About Fresh Inspiration

Fresh Inspiration is a charity dedicated to lasting transformation in the lives of millions of people. Our purpose is to motivate, inspire, develop, …



Impact the lives of millions of people with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. We believe that lasting transformation and real hope comes from Jesus, including the strength to endure and overcome …



Your partnership makes the vision possible and we value your commitment to transforming the lives of millions of people.

Restoring pride, …



Your donation is an investment in lasting transformation in life of millions of people around the world. This will support change programmes for those growing up in some of …


Come and be part of this community of infectious Christians around the world, who are proud, excited and bold in talking about their faith and their experience of the love of God in their professional and business life.

Fresh insights is an international fellowship creating the opportunity for Christians from all walks of life to love on one another, to network, to grow and to be inspired by our common faith in God.

Join us on Wednesday 17th March
for a lunch n learn session
from 12.30 to 1.15pm.

Zoom Meeting ID: 836 4386 2657
Passcode: 909140

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